Quality of Life

With beautifully restored houses built more than 100 years ago, Dearborn County offers cozy and safe residential areas and unique downtown apartments. Dearborn County truly has a home for everyone.

Life in Dearborn County revolves around a sense of rural realization, yet we are close to shopping, businesses, and interstate access. Dearborn County is the perfect place to live if you are commuting to the greater Cincinnati area or have a job locally in our growing industrial or commerical areas. Dearborn County also offers a lovely, quiet setting, allowing you to have a great place to call home. Many people enjoy the opportunity to raise a family in the safe and healthy environment that Dearborn County provides.

The small towns, the historic look and feel of the buildings, and the many avenues of recreation make Dearborn County an excellent place to live.

The abundant land throughout Dearborn County means housing is available for home buyers of all income levels. Homeowners in the county have enjoyed increasing home values over the past 10 years. The median home price within the county increased 12.7% from $183,019 in 2004 to 2014 in $209,6361.

Homeowners in Dearborn County enjoy low ownership costs. Over 89.0% of county monthly mortgage payments in 2000 were under $1,500, compared to 74.1% of monthly mortgage payments nationally. The median rent of occupied housing units in 2014 was $634, compared to a 2014 national median rent figure of $769. The cost of housing in the metro areas surrounding Dearborn County is much lower than the national average. Housing costs in Cincinnati are 84.2 percent of the national average.


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