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Life in Dearborn County revolves around a sense of rural realization, yet we are close to shopping, businesses, and interstate access. Dearborn County is the perfect place to live for those who wish to have their homes in a quieter setting. Many people enjoy the opportunity to raise a family in the safe and healthy environment that Dearborn County provides.

Not only does Dearborn County have many wonderful areas to live, it is the perfect place to find work. Whether you're making the commute to Cincinnati; working in Lawrenceburg's bustling service and manufacturing industry; or in the numerous manufacturing opportunities throughout the county, Dearborn County provides countless opportunties for individuals of all backgrounds. 

The small towns, the historic look and feel of the buildings, and the many avenues of recreation make Dearborn County an excellent place to live. Dearborn County offers limitless amenities throughout the county and cities. From miles and miles of bike and walking trails to numerous restaurants and shops to weekend getaways at Hollywood Casino or Perfect North Slopes, you'll always have something fun waiting for you. 

Dearborn County is home to some of the best educational opportunities in the Tri-State Region. According to Cincy Magazine, both Sunman-Dearborn and South Dearborn rank within the Top 35 schools in the Tri-State Region. Additionally, Dearborn County is home to some of the safest and most livable communities in the region. 

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